Monday, June 16, 2008

A Fun Weekend and a Hard Father's Day

What a weekend! On Friday we took my niece, Isabel and nephew, Danten, to the zoo. It was so much fun. I love the zoo and they love the zoo, so fun was had for everyone. After the zoo we went and picked up some pizzas and went to Memory Grove, ate pizza and played in the stream. It was so beautiful and relaxing. I love spending time with my family.

Saturday we went to lunch with John Allred! :) Heidi and Kelsey almost didn't go because they thought is would be awkward, but they did go. I wasn't even worried about it. This is the normally the last thing I would do, ask a guy to lunch and not even be nervous about it! I was just excited. I just wanted to sit down and talk to John the person, not Allred the musician, and get to know him better. I had all these questions I wanted to ask him to keep the conversation going. I didn't need to worry about it! John talked the entire time, for 2 hours! We would ask him a question and he would just go off. No complaints here, I could have listened to him all day.

That night we went to his last show in Utah for a couple of months. He is moving to the East Coast and won't be back for awhile. It was a great show as usual, but not without it's hiccups. Partway through his first song they blew a fuse so he ended up having everyone come up close, even on the stage so he could just play acoustic. It was very intimate and fun. After a few songs they got the power back on, somewhat. He still couldn't do everything he usually does, but it turned out great. He didn't end until about 11:00 or so and then we waited around til everyone was gone to say good bye. I am going to miss him!

This is turning into one long post! Yesterday was Father's Day. It was a great day, but it was also hard. My brother Daniel and his family are moving to Virginia next week. We gave my dad a present and a card, both very sentimental, and he cried, so we all cried. We gave Daniel just a card, and he was bawling, so we were all bawling. I was crying because he is moving and I am going to miss him and Gladys and the kids so much. It was a good day though, spening it with the family and making more memories!

Tonight I am meeting John to give him some more stickers. We get to see him one last time before he moves! :)