Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life is Good!

Last night my sisters and I went to a concert at Thanksgiving Point. This artist we love, John Allred (, was opening for Secondhand Serenade. It was so good!! John is always amazing.

My mom and I have vinyl cutting machines that we love to play around on. I am planning on starting a business in the next 6 months doing vinyl window stickers and decorative glass blocks. Another friends of ours, Justin, is in a band called Pleasant Tree ( and Heidi decided that we should make them window stickers for their cars. We did and they turned out great, they now order them from us occasionally.

Heidi made a window sticker for Allred and we showed it to him a couple months back. He loved them and asked us for more. We took him some last night to sell at his show. I was so excited to see him and nervous (yes, I do have a little crush on him...ok, I am a little obsessed with him) that my hands were shaking!

This morning I asked him how many he sold that night and he said all but three and wants more! :) I told him I would make him a deal..if he goes to dinner with my sisters and I we wouldn't charge him for this bunch of stickers! He said ok!!! :) I am so excited to just have John to ourselves and to pick his brain and get to know him more! We are all going to lunch on Saturday. I can't believe I actually asked him! :P